The EuMMCR (European Mouse Mutant cell Repository) is the mouse ES cell distribution unit in Europe. The EuMMCR has been founded as distribution unit of EUCOMM (European Mouse Mutagenesis Program) and is located at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt GmbH in Munich, Germany. The EuMMCR unit distributes targeting vectors and mutant ES cell lines produced in the EUCOMM and EUCOMMTOOLS consortia.

ES cells:

Upon user request we thaw, expand and re-freeze several aliquots of the desired ES cell clones. Our standard controls include a.) a PCR based assay to ensure that ES cells are mycoplasma free and b.) the verification of the presence of the distal loxP site using a short PCR strategy. The 3’ loxP site is prerequisite for the conditional potential of the allele. ES cells, which have passed these two initial quality controls will be sent to the requestor. Upon request of the ordering investigator the EuMMCR will also develop a genotyping method using a short PCR strategy, which can be used to genotype chimeric mice that will be generated using those ES cells.

Targeting Vectors:

Upon user request we grow bacteria caring the desired targeting vector from glycerol stocks and prepare vector DNA. The identity of the desired vector is then verified by restriction mapping and by sequencing into the 5' and 3' homology arms of the targeting vector. DNA of vectors that passed this EuMMCR quality control is then sent to the scientist who requested the vector.